I can’t believe it. But then again, I can, when our only two choices suck, and there are so many uneducated, mentally immature people in this country to back them.

Before you judge, my candidate didn’t win, but my candidate never made it to election day. And honestly I don’t care about that. What I do care about is that these two and the election cycle that followed is what we ended up with. It’s a truly sad state of affairs when both choices are unethical crooks. We shouldn’t have to go into a voting booth thinking, “which candidate is the lesser of two evils?”

That’s water under the bridge now. What people need to understand, regardless if they are celebrating or reconciling defeat, is that it doesn’t really matter who the one person is at the top, but how “we the people” underneath live our lives.

Of course, that’s a scary thought because what this election shows is that as a country we’re lost.

But then again, maybe something like this can help wake people up about how to live and be better to our fellow man and woman, regardless of differences.

You can’t rely on one individual in a fucked up political system to raise your kids, build a good life, and create relationships with everyone from your next door neighbor to the neighbor on the other side of the planet. Each of us has to do that on our own, setting a positive example for others, and helping each other out. I hope that’s something that comes out of this debacle.

That said, it is truly a shame that an unethical, racist, misogynistic, pathological psychopath is our new leader. I am very sad today.