Risk or Reward

Life is about taking risks (another mantra I live by). It shouldn’t be everyday, but there are certainly important times to do it… that is, if you want to reap the benefits. Maybe it’s a risk over love… or going to school… or living in a new place… or in my case today, it’s quitting your job with the goal of getting an even better one.

I LOVED my job. And the people and learning that went along with it. Having spent 15 years there is a testament to that. But managing my career is important, and as with all things in my life I seek excellence. I am not one to sit idle. So despite the amazing environment, it was too comfortable and there were no real professional challenges left for me on the horizon.

So, I resigned.

From one perspective, it doesn’t get any riskier than that. On day one I’m left with no income and no job prospects. Even with everything going according to plan, it will take time before I’m working for a traditional company again. (My freelance work is an ongoing constant.)

On the other hand, it is smart and methodical. Quite simply, I’m weighting the importance of learning new things, refreshing my portfolio, and finding the next best position over the risks associated with unemployment, or more importantly standing pat and watching your income potential falling behind your cost of living.

The short term will be challenging (and invigorating if you have the right temperament), but the long term reward makes it worth it. Things like better compensation, professional challenges, new people, and the opportunities to progress in my career… none of it would be possible without taking a risk and committing to the ultimate goal.

I’m totally stoked to embark on this next journey. I’ve got the attitude and discipline to make it happen.

Bring it on. (and Happy New Year!)

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