Juggling 5 balls

You Have Five Balls In The Air

I was talking with a co-worker about work/life balance recently and he shared this interesting quote from Coca Cola’s CEO with me. Not sure if the link is totally accurate, but I loved the sentiment. In life you are constantly juggling 5 balls in the air: work, health, family, friends, and spirit. The first is made of rubber and the rest are made of glass. When you inevitably drop one, keep in mind that work will bounce back, whereas the others will not. The may scrape, or scuff, or totally break, but whatever the severity they will be forever changed.

That quote left an impression on me because I think it is so true. I also liked how he included spirit, because I think that the importance of our internal mental/emotional part of our character often gets left out of the balance. It’s an easy thing to skip, especially when it can be the hardest thing to grasp, and unique to each individual.

Anyway, gotta add that to the growing list of mantras I keep and wanted to share it with others.