High-profile, custom, quarterly magazine with an average of 3,000 visitors/month.

  • Built using WordPress, custom WordPress themes and plugins, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, and SVG
  • Highlights:
    • Created plugin to turn any WordPress site into a magazine publishing system, complete with issues and article publishing workflow
    • Sophisticated, 3-column layout that evokes print magazine and yet works responsively in smaller viewports
    • AJAX Rotating banner ad system
    • Responsive hero images
    • Creative implementation of custom post types to capture and render an extraordinary amount of class news
    • Flexible layout options (horizontal and vertical) for article features, available with the click of a button.
    • Built custom aside system enabling content editors to build dynamic articles with multiple content streams, optimized for viewing at all viewports
    • Developed a home-grown, responsive slideshow system that not only looks beautiful at all resolutions, but is optimized for fast rendering.
    • Creative use of inline SVG and CSS3 to dynamically color magazine header on an issue by issue basis
    • Optimized for fast performance and SEO, improving performance by a full grade on Yahoo YSlow and Google Page Speed. Utilized the following techniques:
      • Template caching to minimize PHP calls, server settings for static asset caching, CDN for serving content, script position and concatenation, minification, and image smushing.