PHP Architect Feb 2018

As part of my process to keep my professional development razor sharp, I’m making it a point to read more. A great resource is php[architect], the definitive publication for modern PHP developers. It’s something I have been meaning to read more consistently, and after having read the latest issue (February 2018 at the time of this writing), I’m planning on reading past issues as well.

A handful of takeaways from this issue that I’d like to highlight for others and personal reference:

  • Choosing the right tools for the trade is an important part of being a top-tier developer. It is one thing to have knowledge, but another level to be able to produce with that knowledge quickly and efficiently.
  • Drupal and its use of Symfony components is similar to how a lot of other frameworks are built.
  • You can do full-text searching on more than just webpages. You can index your application data models. Very cool.
  • Consider speaking, it will make you a better developer.
  • Programming is becoming a blue-collar trade. Think of it as the natural result of supply and demand. Made me think about how to differentiate myself, and take my skills to another level, so that I can continue to add value beyond that of basic programming skills.
  • A truly secure application requires approaches at multiple levels, including encryption at rest to application level techniques.

I’m so glad a resource likeĀ php[architect] exists. Whether it is learning new things, or validating techniques, I know I’m a better developer simply by keeping up with their outstanding content.

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