A mantra I live by started as something I saw at the gym: “It doesn’t get easier, you only get stronger.” I think this idea is just as applicable to working out as making your way through life’s many challenges.

Within this witty idea I think there a couple universal truths to keep in mind:

  1. Many endeavors don’t have a definitive start and end. They are a lifelong journey, be it fitness, professional aspirations, or personal goals. Achievements or disappointments are just steps along the way.
  2. Attitude is everything. Don’t view things negatively as a never ending challenge. The focus shouldn’t be on the idea that things will never get “easier”. Rather, this is just a reminder that success requires working hard day in and day out. Embrace the process.
  3. A good way to measure your success is assessing where you are currently and appreciating where you came from. There does not need to be a penultimate conclusion to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
  4. There is always something new and good to look forward to.

These are great words to live by, and I think apropos as we arrive on a new year.

Three cheers to all of the personal and professional progress we’ve made in our lives. Wherever you have come from, congratulations, if you’ve got the right perspective you are now stronger.

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