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In an effort to brush up my algorithmic skills, I am taking the 30 Days of Code challenge on HackerRankI like the idea of it, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while when I picked up “Algorithmic Puzzles” by Anany and Maria Levitin. I still plan to work through that book, but I stumbled upon HackerRank when I was prepping for job interviews.

I don’t know much about HackerRank, but I like the premise. They send you a new algorithmic challenge every day for 30 days. It comes with an online code editor, a test harness to test your submission, and even tutorial information on how to solve the problem. Basically, it removes the busy work I would have to go through to code my own puzzle environment.

I’ve done a couple warm-up problems on HackerRank and liked the experience, so I’m hopeful this will become a fun and enlightening 30 days. I’ll report back on the other side of the challenge.

Let the games begin!

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