New Stack 2-week Challenge

I’ve had a fitness app in the back of my mind for a long while. Life happened (I’m looking at 👀 you two kids running around my house at all hours…) and it went dormant. Now that my kids are a bit older I’m starting to get “me-time” back into my life, I’m dusting off that app idea and hoping to make it a reality; This time with a twist – an entirely new-to-me tech stack (in 2-weeks)!

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Elephant with a bite taken out.

6 Weeks To Success!

[Illustration attributed to Sean Gallo at]

How do you approach a large project? (The same way you eat an elephant.)

My mantra is to break it down into smaller parts and methodically work my way through. How you work your way through can vary. If it is something you quickly want feedback on I like to iterate, as with agile project management. If the requirements/goal are more static, waterfall may be the appropriate technique.

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