Seeing the forest from the trees

It’s been a long 5 years. A lot of work went into creating those chapters in my life, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. You forget to look up and see how much progress has been made. I was thinking about that today and I’m really proud of where I’ve come from and where I’m heading. It certainly wasn’t easy… buying and selling several houses, divorce, creating a life with a new set of family and friends, transitioning from one job to another… all while trying to keep a smile on. And you know what? I did a damn good job. AND I’m thankful for each one of those experiences. They were significant milestones that will have a major influence on where I’m heading. I’m really excited about what lies ahead…

Dilbert - Prioritization


Life is one big exercise in prioritization… portfolio managment (your life), project management (your goals), task management (the steps to get there). Be it professional or personal development. We have finite resources to work, so how will you manage your personal trifecta of constraints (time, scope, quality)?

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A reason, a season, a lifetime

…is one of those mantras I’ve lived my life by. People come into your life for all kinds of reasons, sometimes short, sometimes for something more significant, and sometimes they share the entire path. I was reminded of this today as I was putting the final touches on selling my home; A major life event that brought back memories, related and non.

As I embark on the next big thing, I find keeping these words close helpful. It puts perspective on things, and makes letting go (often the necessary step to move forward) a little easier.